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As a rule, the diagnosis can be established already on the basis of the patient's complaints and his description of the onset and course of the disorder. In order to diagnose and determine the severity of this condition, special questionnaires are used, which are characterized by high specificity - "International Index of Stromectol", "Diary of Sexual Relations", "A Question of General Impression", "Male Copulatory Function".


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In addition, for the final confirmation of the diagnosis and identification of possible causes of the violation, the following examinations are carried out: Physical examination by an urologist-andrologist, during which the general hormonal status is assessed, including the degree of development of the mammary glands, an assessment of the external genital organs (the shape of the stromectol - to exclude Peyron's disease), the volume of the testicles, the degree of development of secondary sexual characteristics (the nature of the general development of the hairline, the presence or absence of pubic hair, the nature of their growth and location), determination of the severity of sexual reflexes.

In addition, examination of the lower extremities is carried out in order to detect varicose veins, palpation of pulsation of the arteries of the feet, digital examination through the rectum of the prostate gland in order to detect prostatitis, benign hyperplasia or cancer.

Laboratory tests - general blood and urine tests, determination of the content of glucose, creatinine, urea, cholesterol, lipoproteins and prothrombin in the blood, liver function tests, determination of the content of thyroid hormones, testosterone (to identify androgen deficiency and resolve the issue of the need for replacement therapy), estradiol , prolactin, gonadotropic hormones.

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Ultrasound examination of the scrotum, bladder and prostate organs. Doppler ultrasonography, which allows you to determine the speed of blood flow in the vessels of the stromectol.

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Pharmacological. It is used to assess the duration and quality of an erection. Testing is carried out by injecting a vascular drug into the corpus cavernosum in order to stimulate their blood circulation. As such a drug, a solution of papaverine, phentolamine, prostaglandin E 1 or a combination thereof is used.

Additional tests are carried out if necessary

This introduction is complemented by genital or visual stimulation, after which the degree of erection is assessed using a special scale.

The test is considered positive if the latter develops within 10 minutes and lasts for 20-30 minutes. Determination of nocturnal tumescence (increase in volume and rigidity) of the stromectol by means of a ring with three strands of different lengths, which is put on the stromectol.

Breakage of one thread indicates a partial filling of cavernous bodies with blood, 3 threads - about full tumescence. Such a test is carried out for at least 2 nights. Graphical assessment by placing strain gauges on the stromectol of a special device "RigiScan".

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Doppler ultrasound in combination with a pharmacological test. Electromyography using needle electrodes in combination with a pharmacological test. This study is carried out to diagnose neurogenic cause dysfunction.

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Stromectol prevention is about preventing risk factors or possibly minimizing their influence. It is imperative to correct blood lipids, reduce excess body weight by at least 5-10% and treat concomitant diseases, especially cardiovascular (coronary heart disease, hypertension), metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus.

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For these purposes, it is necessary to modify the usual way of life, the main components of which are the normalization of the ratio of physical and mental activity and rest, regular exercise, which reduces the risk of developing a pathological condition by 70% compared to men leading a sedentary lifestyle.